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May 30, 2018
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Do you or your kids have these type of teeth? Here are some typical orthodontic issues we see. Most of these conditions can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. It's not all about how they look, properly aligned teeth can result in a lifetime of better oral health. PearlFection Urbana and PearlFection Frederick are offering 100% free orthodontic consultations for both traditional braces and Invisalign clear braces.

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Call to set up a 30 minute consult with Dr Tigani

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May 24, 2018
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The answer is it depends. You can spend $25,000 per arch for a total mouth rehab of $50,000 on implant supported dentures or you can spend a few thousand dollars on simple standard dentures that are retained in your mouth with adhesive. It depends on your budget, your health, the condition of the bone, and how convenient you want things. All these denture choices depend on you and your doctor. PearlFection Dentistry understands that you first need to understand your options and after that you and your dentist can make informed decisions. Many of our patients start out with a low cost option at first and transition to another option later. The best thing to do is schedule a free 30 minute consultation and sit down with our prosthodontist or one of our general dentists in Urbana or Frederick to understand your options and set a treatment plan in motion. We have financing available and in office insurance to help.


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May 09, 2018
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Are you suffering from a dental emergency? Dental emergencies are a serious problem, but if you don't take care of the problem dental emergencyimmediately, you'll find yourself having to deal with a more severe issue. Your Frederick, MD, General, cosmetic and restorative dentists Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer and Dr. Amadeus Lopez, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, oral surgeon Dr. Brian Chang, endodontist Dr. Pratik Patel, and orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani, have some advice for you on emergency care.

What's a dental emergency?

Call your Frederick, MD, dentist if you are experiencing any of these issues:

Prolonged Dental Pain: Pain is how your body tells you something is wrong, so listen to it. If you are experiencing prolonged pain in your tooth or gums, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Dental Trauma and/or Injury: Loose, chipped, or missing teeth, due to sports or any other accident will require immediate attention from your Frederick emergency dentist.

Swollen jaw: If you're noticing a swollen jaw, or are in constant pain, then you need to contact your dentist. There may be a tooth infection or other issues that your doctor needs to deal with.

How do you deal with dental emergencies?

Here are a few dental emergencies and how to care for them:

  • Damage done to your tooth or soft-tissue needs immediate care, so call your dentist right away.
  • Knocked out teeth need to be rinsed and held from the crown, not the roots.
  • Placing ice to injuries reduces swelling.
  • Try putting the knocked out tooth back into its socket, or in milk until you see your dentist.

What about dental insurance?

You don't need to worry about accumulating a huge bill for emergency appointments. If you already have insurance, you won't need to pay more than $50 for an emergency care appointment. If you're a new patient and have no insurance, then you won't have to spend more than $200 for an emergency appointment.

If you are experiencing any issues, don’t wait to have it fixed. Let our emergency dentists help. Just call Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick, MD and servicing the regions of Hagerstown and Germantown, MD right now for any questions about emergency care or other dental issues at (301) 663-5550.