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PearlFection Dentistry invests in state of the art Cone Beam CT scanner (3D imaging), Panoramic X-ray System, and Cephalometric X-ray system

PearlFection Dentistry's obsession with providing the best general, emergency and specialty dental care in the State of Maryland and surrounding region, all under one roof and for all ages has driven the need to invest heavily in State of the Art imaging technology.

FREDERICK, Md. - Nov. 17, 2019 - PRLog -- Consistent with the PearlFection Dentistry's mission of providing the best dental care in the Maryland and DC and Baltimore region, the decision was made this week to purchase the state of the art in imaging technology. The new system called the VAtech Green CT2 will allow our team of general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and pediatric dentists, to more accurately diagnose and treat dental issues and deliver precise diagnoses by providing more accurate 3 dimensional images of the jaw, air way and head.

PearlFection Dentistry - 3D imaging

More specifically it will allow our:

  • Endodontists to accurately plan root canals by more clearly identifying infections, the number and path of tooth roots and more accurately identify tooth cracks.
  • Oral surgeons and periodontists to plan implant surgery by placing the implants in simulated 3D images prior to surgery so ideal bone structure can be accessed, proper depth and size of implants are used, and surgical guides can be fabricated specific to each patient. Oral Surgeons will also be able to take 3D images of any unusual features that concern them, to better identify pathology and give our surgeons one more tool to identify things like oral cancer faster, so appropriate treatment can be provided early.
  • Prosthodontists to create 3D images of jaw structure so highly accurate denture planning can be done resulting in extremely well fitting and comfortable implant supported dentures or standard dentures.
  • Orthodontists, general dentists and pediatric dentists to cooperate together and with our other specialists to more accurately understand what is happening in a patient's mouth, so accurate comprehensive dental treatment plan can be formulated.

All in all, the cone beam CT, pan, ceph will make PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana Maryland, the one stop treatment option for patients in the Maryland, DC, WV, PA and Virginia region who seek exception dental care.

If you don't know much about the comprehensive dental care that PearlFection Dentistry can provide to you and your family, please visit our website at or or call (301)663-5550 (Frederick, MD) or (301) 831-8303 (Urbana, MD).We see all ages of patients from children to seniors and we have all our doctors and specialists under one roof. We are accepting new patients at both locations and we are obsessed with customer service.

By PearlFection Dentistry
November 14, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: oral cancer  

Oral cancer can be a scary diagnosis, but you can have a better outcome if it is diagnosed early. Early diagnosis leads to early treatment, and you can help your dentist by regularly doing a self-check for abnormal areas in your mouth. This is especially important if you use tobacco products, but you need to know what to look for. The dentists at Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD, offer a wide range of services including oral cancer screening to help you.

So, what are the signs and symptoms to look for? Oral cancer has some definite concerns to look for, including:

  • Areas of thickened, wrinkled, or white tissue in your mouth
  • Open lesions or sores in your mouth that don’t heal
  • Chronically irritated, eroded, or rough areas in your mouth
  • Tenderness or numbness around your lips, cheeks, or in your mouth
  • Swollen lymph nodes or lumps in your mouth, on your face, or neck
  • Difficult or painful swallowing, chewing, or talking
  • Chronic hoarseness or a sore throat

You can do a lot to prevent oral cancer. One of the most important steps you can take is to stop smoking or using tobacco products. You should also avoid drinking alcohol in excessive amounts. The combination of tobacco use and alcohol consumption is the biggest cause of oral cancer in the United States.

You should also do a self check in your mouth regularly looking for any of the signs and symptoms listed above. Check the inside of your cheeks, the top and sides of your tongue, underneath your tongue, your gums, your lips, and other areas of your mouth. Early diagnosis can improve your chances of survival by as much as 75 percent.

If you notice any potential abnormal, precancerous, or cancerous changes, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist may recommend a biopsy to determine if precancerous or cancerous changes are present.

Remember, nearly 8,000 people will die from oral cancer each year, according to the National Cancer Institute. You don’t have to become a statistic! To find out more about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, call the office of our Frederick and Urbana, MD, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentists, Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer, Dr. Tammira Badakhshan, and Dr. Nikta Pashai, oral surgeons Dr. Brian Chang and Dr. Leo Perez, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, prosthodontist Dr. Amos Chi, orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani, pediatric dentist Dr. Leslie Oakes, and endodontist Dr. Patik Patel today at (301) 663-5550.

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November 13, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How dental implants from your dentists in Urbana and Frederick, MD, can restore your smile

Have you been hiding your smile because of missing teeth? Are you having trouble chewing and enjoying your food because of missingdental-implants teeth? If so, its time to rebuild your smile just like the original. You can have a great smile once again, thanks to dental implants! The dentists at Pearlfection Dentistry in Urbana and Frederick, MD, offer dental implants to restore your smile.

Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth, dental implants can rebuild what you have lost. They can even provide strong support for a denture, which is snapped in place over the implants.

Dental implants have become one the most popular dental treatments because they provide so many benefits. When you choose dental implants to rebuild your smile, you can count on:

  • Natural-looking beauty, because dental implant crowns are made of light reflective materials that closely resemble natural tooth enamel
  • Complete stability, because dental implants are firmly surrounded by bone, so they will never move around, even with the most vigorous chewing
  • Unrivaled convenience, because you don’t ever remove dental implants and you brush and floss them just like natural teeth
  • A permanent solution, because they will never decay, and the dental implant crown material resists staining, so your implants will stay beautiful for years

Dental implants may even help you look younger. That’s because once dental implants are placed during a simple in-office procedure, your body will create more bone to fuse with the dental implants and lock them in place. More bone means added volume and youthful fullness to your face, and a firmer jawline.

Dental implants are the most successful surgical implant, boasting a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. You deserve to enjoy the success of dental implants too!

To find out more about rebuilding and restoring your smile with dental implants, talk with the experts. Call our Urbana and Frederick, MD, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentists, Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer, Dr. Tammira Badakhshan, and Dr. Nikta Pashai, oral surgeons Dr. Brian Chang and Dr. Leo Perez, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, prosthodontist Dr. Amos Chi, orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani, pediatric dentist Dr. Leslie Oakes, and endodontist Dr. Patik Patel, at Pearlfection Dentistry today at (301) 663-5550 for our Frederick office and (301) 831-8303 for our Urbana office!