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By PearlFection Dentistry
February 09, 2018
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Summary: PearlFection Dentistry – Frederick Maryland and Urbana Maryland now offer complete comprehensive dentistry. With the recent addition of a periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist, dental hygienist and restorative and cosmetic dentists, as well as emergency dentistry, we can offer almost 100% comprehensive dentistry under one roof and all services are provided by some of the most competent and skilled dentists and specialists in Maryland. We have also expanded our hours providing services from 7am to 8pm and on Saturdays and built a new state of the art office on Thomas Johnson Drive, with additional operatories and equipment.

Author Resources: PearlFection Dentistry with Drs. EJ Stringer, Jared Lawson, Pratik Patel (endodontist), Brian Chang (oral surgeon), Dr Stephen Tigani (Orthodontist) and Ashley Seals (Periodontist) are leading Frederick family dentists and specialty practice, maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry. They provide services such as Root Canals, Oral Surgery, Invisalign, Braces, general orthodontic treatment, dental implants, cancer screenings and biopsies, emergency dental care, Botox treatment, tooth extractions, bonding, teeth whitening, cleanings, veneers, fillings and dentures in Frederick, Maryland among other services at ,

With the recent addition of a board-certified periodontist, Dr Ashley Seals, Orthodontist Stephen Tigani, Board Certified Oral Surgeon, Brian Chang, and Endodontist, Pratik Patel, as well as cosmetic and restorative dentists, Dr Stringer and Lawson, PearlFection Dentistry has become a unique practice in the state of Maryland. Not only can PearlFection Dentistry provide basic dental services like cleanings, emergency dental care, pediatric and kid friendly dental care, fillings and crowns and bridges, but they can also provide specialty like dental implants, root canals, and surgical wisdom teeth extractions.

Most dentists can provide basic services but often those dentists need to send complicated cases out to a specialist. At PearlFection we are able to keep all these procedures under one roof, with our general dentists acting as quarterback and ensuring excellent start to finish attention to our patients need. Dr Stringer said “We have found that we can provide better care and better follow-up, when all our doctors can talk face to face about optimal patient care and include the patient in those discussion. Sometimes our patients might see four different doctors in one day. When a patient needs to engage multiple doctors for different procedures, I can manage it much better when all work, all the records and data is on site” “ We didn’t like it, when in the past, we would send an extraction or implant out to another oral surgeon or periodontist and the patient would come back with work being done that was “out of order”. “It resulted in patients not having treatment done in a logical order. For example, we might want to have a root canal first, to control infection, and then fillings done, then an implant. But if we told the patient to go get consultations, they might come back with an implant first. That is not an ideal chronology for maximum effective dental care. Now we can better control how and when dental procedures are done.”

Comprehensive dentistry, means Pearlfection Dentistry can see emergency cases quickly and get those patients back in quickly for the proper work or even have necessary work done the same day. Our doctors do so many of the same procedures, day after day, that they get really good at their specialty. Our oral surgeon does extractions and dental implants all day, every day. Our endodontist does root canals all day every day. Our Orthodontist does orthodontics braces or clear aligners all day every day and our Periodontist does deep cleanings and scaling and root plaining or implants all day every day. And our general doctors do fillings, crowns, bridges and see emergency dental cases all day every day. Our hygienist do cleanings all day every day. Our team gets great at their specialty and our patients benefit from the best dentistry in the State of Maryland and the best dentistry in Frederick and Urbana.

It has been a long planning process but PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana Maryland can now truly say that they provide comprehensive dental care to our Frederick Maryland and Urbana Maryland patients.

Call to make an appointment. We accept most dental plans and we are accepting new patients.

The doctors at PearlFection Dentistry can be reached at 301-663-5550 (Frederick office) or 301-831-8303 (Urbana Office) or visit the website at , You can request an appointment on line.

PearlFection Dentistry has been practicing in Frederick and Urbana since 1977, making the practice one of the oldest and most respected practices in the region. Patients consistently rank PearlFection Dental practice as one of the best dental practices in the region and 98% of patients say they would refer a friend. The practice also ranked as one of the top dental practices in the region by Angie’s list and Google, winning Angie’s List Super Service Award Yearly and being the number one reviewed dentist in the state of Maryland at the time of this press release. Dr Stringer says, “We practice advanced and affordable dentistry and try to treat each patient like family.”

The practice provides dental care in the following areas: General Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Tooth Whitening, Crowns, Bridges, Orthodontics, Clear Braces, including Invisalign, Fillings, Restorations, Dental Implants, Restoration, Invisalign Orthodontics, Root Canals (Endodontics), Dental Surgery, Bone Grafting, Pediatric Dentistry, Extractions, Checkups, Periodontics and preventative dental care, Dentures and Partial Dentures.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is maintaining good oral health. The American Dental Association recommends you see a dentist twice a year. Please call us to set up an appointment or check us out on our website at: (Frederick Maryland) (Urbana, Maryland)
Dentist – Frederick, MD – (301) 663-5550
PearlFection Dentistry – Frederick Maryland
60 Thomas Johnson Dr. Suite 1
Frederick, MD 21702
[email protected]

Dentist – Urbana, MD – (301) 831-8303
PearlFection Dentistry – Urbana, Maryland
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3280 Urbana Pike
Urbana, MD 21754

By PearlFection Dentistry
January 30, 2014
Category: Dental Office News

This Thanksgiving and every day we want you to know how thankful we are for you, our loyal patients! We appreciate your business and your loyalty. THANK YOU! This year we have lots of other exciting news to be thankful for as well!

Our Office is Growing

This month, we have officially added another operatory room to our growing practice. The additional chair is the result of patient demand and our committment to give you exceptional customer service. How can our practice strive to be the best dental practice in Frederick if our patients have to wait months for an appointment? This new chair will allow us to see patients sooner and make sure we get emergencies in quickly!

Our Team is Growing

We are pleased to announce that Susan Hickerson and Sherry Russell have joined our practice in the front office and Chrissy Mutz has assumed the role of office manager. Susan and Sherry's primary responsibilities will be customer satisfaction through flawless scheduling, payment processing, and accounting. Welcome aboard Susan and Sherry. All the old faces are still here on the clinical side, Carole, Tammy, Rachene, Susan, Dr. Mullen, Dr. Stringer, but we have hired 6 new folks this year, so you'll see some new faces. Please don't be shy and say hello, especially to Dr. Stringer who really wants to meet you.

We Now Offer ZOOM Whitening

Our new ZOOM Whitening system makes teeth visibly whiter in just one day! We are thrilled to be able to offer this state-of-the-art system to our patients here in our Frederick office! Make an appointment before the New Year and receive $100 off!

We're Social!

Please join us on social media to receive specials, coupons, tell us about your most recent visit, ask us questions, or stay up to date on the latest news! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or add us on Google+. We would also appreciate your reviews!

Thanks again for your loyalty. We look forward to serving you soon!


Dr. Patel - Endodontist & Root Canal Dentist in Frederick, MarylandDr Patel joined the Dental Practice of Dr Mullen and Stringer in April of 2013.  To prepare for the addition of Dr Patel, the decision was made to invest in the most modern root canal equipment on the market.  The practice purchased an advanced endodontic microscope built by Micronix and specialty endodontic drill, manufactured by WaveOne®, to ensure we had the best equipment on the market.  We also invested in digital x-ray sensors and large screen monitors and intraoral cameras, so diagnostics could be done instantaneously.  These new pieces of equipment and technology allow the doctor and his assistant to perform root canals with the most modern dental equipment and therefore give the patient the greatest prognosis of a good clinical outcome.

We asked Dr EJ Stringer why the decision was made to bring on another doctor.  She said “The decision to bring on Dr Patel was driven by our patients request to have more procedures done at the practice.  In the past, we sent out most of our root canals out to endodonists across town.  Our patients never really liked having to do that and they just felt more comfortable staying at our practice on Thomas Johnson Drive.  Now instead of going out to have root canals done, we’ll have them all performed in house.  By bringing on Dr Patel, we are able to have a specialist in the practice who is truly one of the best endodontists in the state.  Our practice and our patients are very lucky to have him”

View our Press Release: Dr EJ Stringer and Dr Joseph Mullen - Frederick General Dentistry - Hire a Root Canal Specialist