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By PearlFection Dentistry
December 11, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you worried your remaining teeth will weaken? Is smiling just plain embarrassing? Why not Dental Implant Smileconsider restoring your smile with dental implants from Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD? Experts in everything from general dentistry to gum disease treatment to full mouth reconstruction, this professional team can give you back the smile you want and deserve.

What Is a Dental Implant?

It replaces a single tooth completely from root to crown. Comprised of a titanium screw surgically inserted into the jaw bone, a metal alloy extension post, and a realistic porcelain crown, a dental implant faithfully imitates the appearance and oral function of a natural tooth. Plus, used in combination with bridgework or a full denture, dental implants can breathe new life into a heavily damaged smile.

The American Association of Endodontists says that dental implants last for decades and are highly reliable. This is because the jaw bone actually bonds to the titanium implant through something called osseointegration. Over time, supporting bone strengthens and increases in size and density, as opposed to other tooth replacements (such as conventional fixed bridgework or dentures) that just sit on top of the gums and hold the possibility of weakening the jawbone.

Requirements for Dental Implant Placement

At Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD, our team of oral surgeons, periodontists, general doctors and prosthodontists work together to develop a treatment plan and place dental implants in patients who have good systemic health and enough bone in their jaws to accept the implant devices. They carefully examine teeth, gums, and bone structure through an eyes-on examination, digital X-rays, and special three-dimensional scans. They'll formulate a care plan suited to your needs and desires.

A Versatile Tooth Replacement

Dental implants offer great hope for patients with advanced diseases of the mouth, such as oral cancer. After remaking supporting bone and gum tissue after cancer surgery, many patients qualify for placement of dental implants as part of their full mouth reconstructions. Additionally, people with advanced tooth decay, failing restorations, or damage due to oral injury (falls and motor vehicle accidents) may take advantage of dental implants.

Caring for Implants

It's not hard at all. If you're used to brushing twice a day and flossing daily as the American Dental Association recommends, you'll do well with implants. A nutritious diet keeps gums and bones healthy, as does smoking cessation. Smokers can qualify for implant placement. however, implant sites remain much healthier in a tobacco-free environment.

Find Out More

Enjoy a stable, beautiful smile. Call Pearlfection Dentistry today for a consultation. We're just 45 minutes from Baltimore or Washington, DC, and our professional team includes general, cosmetic, and restorative dentists Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer, Dr. Tammira Badakhshan, Dr. Alex Sin Deuk Kim, and Dr. Nikta Pashai, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, prosthodontist Dr. Amos Chi, oral surgeon Dr. Brian Chang, endodontist Dr. Pratik Patel and orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani.

By PearlFection Dentistry
October 26, 2018

Find out how dental implants can help improve the fit and feel of dentures.

Mouth DenturesAre you someone who has dentures but isn’t fully satisfied? Are you someone who is dealing with extensive tooth loss who wants to weigh all of your tooth replacement options? Whatever the case might be, our general, cosmetic and restorative dentists general, cosmetic and restorative dentists Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer, Dr. Tammira Badakhshan, Dr. Alex Sin Deuk Kim, and Dr. Nikta Pashai, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, prosthodontist Dr. Amos Chi, oral surgeon Dr. Brian Chang, endodontist Dr. Pratik Patel and orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani in Frederick and Urbana, MD, are here to explain more about this popular dental prosthetic and how it works.

Most people know what dentures are but may not know how they work. Dentures are a set of false teeth attached to a gum-like foundation that is held in place with clasps or through suction with your natural gum tissue. Of course, dentures can shift or move around in your mouth while talking or chewing, making it difficult and sometimes challenging for denture wearers to truly feel at ease with their new teeth. To prevent dentures from moving around, our Frederick and Urbana, MD, restorative dentists offer implant-supported dentures.

What are implants?

It’s important to understand what implants are and how they function before understanding what they can do to improve the fit and function of your dentures. Implants are small titanium posts that are designed to replace your missing tooth roots.

In order to do this, our dental specialists will need to surgically place the implant(s) into the jawbone to act like tooth roots. Some patients may prefer sedation to make the process smoother. Over several months, the jawbone and implants will naturally bond together to become one, making this restoration a permanent fixture within the jawbone.

How can implants hold dentures in place?

When it comes to implant-supported dentures there are two main types: bar-retained dentures and ball-retained dentures. Either type requires a minimum of two dental implants placed in the front of the jawbone, where there tends to be more bone than in the back even if bone loss isn’t present.

For bar-retained dentures, a metal bar that is curved like the jawbone is attached to the top of the implant. From there, attachments secure the dentures over the bar to clip them into place so dentures don’t move around. For ball-retained dentures, specific metal attachments are placed on each implant, which then attaches to the dentures in a ball-and-socket design. Our team of oral surgeons, periodontists, general doctors and prosthodontists will work together to make your implant supported denture function and fit well

If you are interested in learning more about dental implant-supported dentures and how they could benefit your smile for the long run, then schedule an appointment with Pearlfection Dentistry. We are proud to provide restorative dental services to the Hagerstown, and Germantown, MD, areas and are located just 45 minutes away from Washington, DC and Baltimore. Call us today.