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Review and Rating procedures for Dr Stringer & Dr Mullen's Dental Practice

In an effort to making providing feedback to the dental practice easier, we have provided a step by step road map for submitting an appraisal.    We provide an incentive for patients providing this feedback; please ask us about the current incentive.   We love feedback!

Different locations to submit appraisals (both online and through the mail)

  1. Angie’s List – typically for Angie’s list members – you can submit an appraisal on line or via mail in  your response
  2. www.Google – probably the most widely used appraisal site.  We highly encourage this submittal process
  3. Yahoo -  second most popular appraisal site
  4. Wellness.com
  5. Health Grades


How to submit an appraisal:

  1. Angie’s list. http://www.angieslist.com/
    1. Mailable  –
      1. Pick up rating sheet at front desk of office
      2. Take home and fill out
      3. Place in mail
      4. Someone from Angie’s list will contact you to verify your answers
    2. On-line –
      1. Log into your Angie’s list account
      2. Search for Dr Mullen and Dr Stringer’s practice
      3. Select rate this practice
      4. Fill in survey              


  1. Google Ratings.  


  1. Go to Google Maps http://maps.google.com/
  2. Type into Google  - “Pearlfection Dentistry”
  3. Click on Pearlfection Dentistry - A box will open up with a picture of our staff on it
  4. Click on "more info"
  5. Click “Write a Review”
  6. If you have a account you will go right into the review process (skip to step 8)
  7. If you don’t have an account you will need to register (its easy!)
    1. Click on Join Google+
    2. Click on "sign up"
    3. Input your info  and follow the steps
    4. Confirm your info and submit
    5. Choose
    6.  Text message verification - You will get an text sent to your account mobile phone that you will need to open and confirm receipt or you will get a phone call and a code you will need to input
    7. Input the code - when you get the text message, Google will give you a code number.  You need to put that number in your new account to activate it.
    8. At this point will will be asked to establish an account.  (you can put as much info or as little info as you want)
    9. Once you establish a Google+ account it will take you back and you can write a review
  8. Click on “Write a Review”
  9. You will be given a warning that all your reviews are public info.  If your ok with that, click "OK, Got it"
  10. Give it a title
  11. Pick you number of stars
  12. Write some comments if you like
  13. Click Submit
  14. Your done.  Now you can rate any business.

Wellness.com rating

  1. Go to www.wellness.com
  2. Click - write a review
  3. Write your review