What is a Dental Crown?

Find out how restorative dentistry can breathe new life into your smile.

Are you dealing with a weak or damaged tooth? If so, our Frederick and Urbana, MD, general, cosmetic and restorative dentists general,dental crowns cosmetic and restorative dentists Dr. Jared Lawson, Dr. EJ Stringer, Dr. Tammira Badakhshan, Dr. Alex Sin Deuk Kim, and Dr. Nikta Pashai, periodontist Dr. Ashley Seals, prosthodontist Dr. Amos Chi, oral surgeon Dr. Brian Chang, endodontist Dr. Pratik Patel and orthodontist Dr. Stephen Tigani are here to tell you how a dental crown could be the quick fix you need to get your smile back in shape.

In most cases, the purpose of this tooth-shaped restoration is to cover and support a weak or damaged tooth. A crown is often all you need to strengthen the natural tooth’s structure after it’s been affected by decay, trauma or an infection. While a decayed tooth is often treated with a dental filling, if the decay isn’t caught soon enough and has enough time to spread throughout the tooth then a dental filling may not be enough to support the tooth. When this happens, a dental crown is the best option.

Of course, if a bad fall or sports injury cracks or fractures your tooth then a dental crown may also need to be placed over the tooth to rebuild and protect it from further damage. As you might imagine, a weak tooth is susceptible to further problems down the road if left untreated. Not to mention, having a tooth that is clearly broken or fractured is unflattering. By getting a dental crown from our Frederick and Urbana, MD, dentists we can improve not just the function and strength of the tooth but also the shape and size, too.

Which brings us to something else that a dental crown can do for your smile. It can also enhance the appearance of a tooth and improve the symmetry and look of your smile. Think about it: if you have a tooth that is disfigured or discolored it often stands out, and not in a good way. By placing a dental crown over the tooth we can also improve its color, shape and size.

Dental crowns are also instrumental in treating tooth loss. If you decide that you want to get a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth, then a dental crown will be necessary to complete this restoration. Once this implant is in place, a dental crown is secured over top. Are you getting a dental bridge to replace a tooth? Dental crowns will also be used to support and hold the false tooth in place.

Here at Pearlfection Dentistry, we believe that everyone should feel confident smiling. If you are looking for reliable general, cosmetic or restorative dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD, then give us a call today. We are conveniently located only 45 minutes away from Washington DC and 45 minutes from Baltimore, and proudly serve patients from the Hagerstown and Germantown area.

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