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Nitrous Oxide Use In Dentistry

Dr EJ Stringer, DMD of Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick, Maryland has taken advanced training in conscious sedation dentistry and will consult with patients when this technique may be warranted. Sedation is not prescribed for all patients, but when anxiety or pain is particularly acute, it is sometimes a good choice.

Definition of Conscious Sedation Dentistry: A technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the central nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out, but during which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation. The drugs and techniques used to provide conscious sedation for dental treatment should carry a margin of safety wide enough to render loss of consciousness unlikely.
The level of sedation must be such that the patient remains conscious, retains protective reflexes, and is able to respond to verbal commands.

Range of Techniques:

  • Inhalation sedation - nitrous oxide and oxygen
  • Oral sedation - benzodiazepines
  • IV Sedation - certified in the state of Maryland

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