• Heart Disease to Oral health
    Does Gum Disease Increase Risk of Heart Disease? Overview Recently, dentists, researchers, and doctors have begun to examine the link between oral health and overall health. One area they’ve focused on is Read more
  • Alzheimer's Disease to oral health
    Gum infection linked to Alzheimer's disease, new study suggests Alzheimer’s disease could be caused by a gum infection, according to a new study. The Read more
  • Frederick Area Dental Practice is the #1 Reviewed Dentist in the State of Maryland
    Frederick Area Dental Practice is the #1 Reviewed Dentist in the State of Maryland On January 17th 2019 PearlFection Dentistry crossed a milestone.  They became the first dentist in the State of Read more
  • Have Your Emergency Handled By A Professional
    When you're in dental pain, all you want is relief. At Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD, we offer fast and accurate emergency dentistry in a compassionate, state-of-the-art environment. If Read more
  • Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants
    Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you worried your remaining teeth will weaken? Is smiling just plain embarrassing? Why not consider restoring your smile with dental implants from Read more
  • The Benefits of Orthodontics
    Whether you’re a preteen or an adult, orthodontic treatment can have a major positive impact on your smile. More adult Americans are opting for braces than ever before, as they Read more
  • What is a Dental Crown?
    Find out how restorative dentistry can breathe new life into your smile. Are you dealing with a weak or damaged tooth? If so, our Frederick and Urbana, MD, general, cosmetic and Read more
  • Let Veneers Renew Your Smile
    What's a reliable and realistic way to cover dark stains, large cracks and chips, small gaps, and other defects? Porcelain veneers from Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD, of Read more
  • Sedation Dentistry and the Multi-Specialty Approach to Dental Care
    If you have ever been scared to go to the dentist and wish you could just go to sleep and wake up with all the work, that you have been Read more
  • When Is an Extraction Necessary?
    Your team of dentists and oral surgeons at Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana, MD wish to put an end to tooth loss. That's why they offer a full range Read more
  • Dr. Chi joins Pearlfection
    PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick Maryland and Urbana Maryland would like to announce the newest addition to our dental team and extend a warm welcome for our patients to schedule an Read more
  • Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for Me?
    Are you dealing with severe, widespread dental issues? We can help! Sure, there are a lot of people out there that might benefit from one cosmetic or restorative dentistry treatment but Read more
  • What Should I Do if I Chip a Tooth?
    So you have a chipped tooth…now what? Dealing with any kind of dental damage can come as quite a shock. It can even be a little nerve-wracking when it happens. Luckily, Read more
  • What are Implant-Supported Dentures?
    Find out how dental implants can help improve the fit and feel of dentures. Are you someone who has dentures but isn’t fully satisfied? Are you someone who is dealing with Read more
  • The Importance of Preventive Care
    To stay healthy, our smiles needs attention every day through preventive care. With proper preventive techniques combined with in-office examinations, cleanings, and diagnostic X-rays, your smile can last and thrive Read more
  • Sports Injuries and Emergency Dental Care
    Don’t let a sports-related dental injury permanently affect your oral health. Dental injuries are more common than you might imagine, particularly when it comes to playing contact sports. This is why Read more

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